Daylight-Star Foundation

In my sixty years of teaching, God has enabled me have an exceptional career with several awards and recommendations including best head teacher, Lagos state (1989) and member board for gifted children. Over the years, I’ve observed profound inadequacies, coupled with deteriorating standards and an apparent loss of focus in our basic educational sector. All this has led me to set up Daylight-Star foundation.

The foundation aims at liaising with relevant organizations and individuals both locally and internationally to address some of these challenges. We also seek to perpetuate values such as, excellence, integrity and godliness in our basic education system as well as in those we come in contact with (Pupils, Teachers and Parents). It is a platform for those of us with like minds who want to use our God given resources to add value to the children coming up by filling in the gaps left by government in our basic education sector.

Some parents are not really clear on what is best for their children academically and I’ve had cause to seat several of such parents down and enlighten them. A wrong or faulty foundation could have debilitating effects on a child’s future. Many more would definitely be able to benefit from such counseling through the foundations operations.

With this foundation, I believe through the grace of God that the educational legacy the Lord has helped me establish would be carried on through generations in Jesus’ name

Elder (Mrs.) G.R.A. Aladesanmi
Founder / Chairperson
Daylight-Star Foundation
08083476216, 07041375252

Our vision: To build a more cultured and academically sound generation in our nation by inculcating integral values such as, integrity, excellence and godliness in our basic educational system.

Our mission: Promoting basic educational excellence and providing equal educational opportunities for indigent families.

To make qualitative basic education available to as many indigent children; thereby giving them opportunity to live more qualitative lives.

Aims and objectives

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