Pupils Performance Our pupils come out tops in all their entrance examinations into secondary schools.

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Daylight-star Nursery & Primary school is a unique school. Her uniqueness can be seen in two areas.
Firstly the school is unique as regards maintaining the standard of learning. It is not one of those schools that put pupils under pressure. The school starts with the basics; that is laying a solid foundation for the pupils which will enable them fit into any society both nationally and internationally. In other words they start with the fundamentals of learning; moving from simple to complex and not the other way round.
Secondly the school is unique as regards the quality of their teachers. They are God-fearing and so are raising up God-fearing children which are the need of the society now. The Bible says “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom” and this is the school’s motto. Little wonder the teachers are full of wisdom. They are also humble and so are able to patiently relate with the children put under their care.
In fact, Daylight-star Nursery and Primary School is a place to be. It is a school for champions. It is a school for future leaders

Daylight-star Nursery and primary School is the emerging Christian school of the 21st century.
The founder, proprietress of this wonderful school Mrs. G.A Aladesanmi, is a woman of vision, an epitome of selfless ambition. She has aspiration for discipline, singling herself out of the multitude and striving to leave an indelible mark in the career of her choice.
Thank God for Daylight-Star Nursery and Primary School, this school trains children up in the way of God. “Because they know that with God, all things are possible”. If children are taught to pray every day, before they know it, they would have developed a praying habit.
Moreover, we are very proud of the well dedicated teachers of this school, who un-relentlessly impact knowledge. The school has good disciplinary standards which is instrumental in shaping the lives of these young ones.
Furthermore, this school is academically, morally and psychologically excellent. We recommend Daylight-Star Nursery and Primary School to all parents who want the BEST for their children---- the future LEADERS of our dear country.

Daylight-star Nursery & Primary School is seen by many as modest in terms of the building structure. But the general performance of the pupils of the school rates the school higher and bigger in standard than some schools with bigger buildings.
We have not written to promote or advertise the school to the general public but as the saying goes "the taste of the pudding is in the eating" We have two children in the school and their performances are quite encouraging.

Before we brought our children here, we made enquiries about good schools around and Daylight-star came out tops both in academics and in morals.
The school is approved by the government and the students are well behaved. Not only do they match up with their counterparts out there, but stand out.
The school is made up of a cream of talented teachers who won a Gold award.

The star has indeed alighted on Daylight-star Nursery and Primary School for it is a school founded on the Rock—The Lord Jesus Christ and He works great wonders therein.
The school has a focus and laid down standards, which enables their pupils compete favourably with pupils from other schools, both locally and internationally.
God is first in this school and so all children are taught to honour and worship God. This is demonstrated in the morning devotion. It is an act of discipline which is inculcated into the children to make them grow spiritually and become responsible citizens.
This is quite a dependable association of responsible parents and guardians. This has given the parents or guardians the opportunity of contributing to issues of immense importance that will benefit their wards.
Punctuality: - pupils are expected to be in school before 8. 00a.m. and this is strictly upheld.

Daylight-star nursery and primary school is a school where god fearing leaders of tomorrow are built.
The school motto reads: - the fear of the lord is the beginning of knowledge.
Do you need knowledge from above for your children? Bring them to daylight-star nursery and primary scfhool. Train a child in the way he should go, when he grows up he will not depart from it.

The first time I had an encounter with the school was when I needed to make research about which of the private primary schools around Isolo to enrol my dear daughter (Victoria Adebayo).
In my heart I had some criteria which would influence my choice of school such as the spiritual aspect, sound academic packages and the interest that the school must have to solidify their relationship with parents as well as the children. At the end of the day, I was attracted to Daylight-Star. My daughter was to be in primary three and she needed to write for the Daylight-Star entrance exam. Incidentally, my daughter who was one of the best in her former school at Agege could not even pass the entrance exam. She was automatically demoted to primary 2.
When she was eventually enrolled into primary 2, she was taught how to write very beautifully.
My daughter was personally taught by mama as well as her qualitative and qualified teachers in sound phonetics and good English. My daughter could now credibly represent the school in a debate competition and win
Mama is a very wonderful proprietress. Well educated and with decorum, she will not tolerate any unruly attitude, as well as impacting the fear and the will of God into the hearts of the pupils.
The school environment is very neat all the time. Even to the toilets. No pupil will litter the floor with biscuit or sweet wrappers. The teachers are organized and very courteous. The proprietress is a mother, a teacher, a guardian and a minister of God. You will not regret to be part of the parents of the pupils in Daylight-star. She is a specialist in education ordained by God.

This is a unique school, built on a solid foundation of an educationist of high and reputable standard. The school was borne out of a vision directed by God to raise students of high-moral, academic and sound Christian standards.
I’m happy to say that our daughter (Opeyemi Akintayo) was one of the founding students. Then, they were only 5 or 7 in number that started the school. Anywhere in and outside Nigeria, I can confidently recommend the school to any parent.
My husband and I appreciate the motherly role played both by the proprietress (Mrs. Aladesanmi) and the co-staff to the children as a whole and no discrimination, whatsoever. The school has sound teachers at all times, who are made to go through regular appraisals and tests by the school authority to keep them on their toes.
It is my wish and that of my family (Akintayo’s) that, the school will continue to grow from strength to strength, and always be the star and first among its equals. UP DAYLIGHT-STAR SCHOOL! UP JESUS!

* Dedicated, hardworking and sensitive teachers.
* Listening management
* Our children are doing very well amongst their peers and we are happy with their progress.

Daylight-star Nursery & Primary school is a wonderful, marvellous and God fearing school.
Since I brought my kids to the school, their lives have changed in various ways: - Spiritual, Mentally, Morally, Physically and Academically.
I am always proud to take my kids anywhere because I know they will not let me down. Whenever they are amongst their peers and asked any question they answer so well that people usually ask them "which school do you attend"
Though, the school environment is modest, what the teachers impart into the lives of the children there, cannot be quantified. An adage says "you don’t judge a book by its outward appearance but its content within".
I want to thank the teachers because they are really striving hard to make sure that they take the pupils in Daylight-star to greater heights. I pray that God will also help to beautify the lives of their children in Jesus name (Amen).
Daylight-star, keep the flag flying high.